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Snip It! add-on for Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Edge
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Snip is an on-line Auction Sniper. It can help you win any auction on any eBay worldwide. Automatically, in the last seconds, just before auction ends.

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Users' Feedback

Just to say that I've used other snipers but I prefer yours.
1. It works (it only failed once in the whole time I've used it - probably wasn't snip's fault anyway!)
2. It's easy to use. No grand promises - it just does what it say perfectly.
3. You trust us to pay up even after we've exceeded our paid snipes - amazing. I trust a man who trusts me.
4. You're the only snipe creator who apologises when things go wrong or even thinks to give "bonuses" as a way of saying thank you or sorry.
Your work ethic and customer care is great. I'll stay loyal to Snip!


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